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Beginning computer users

These courses are for first-time computer users who need training in the fundamentals of using a mouse, the keyboard, and the computer.


Most of our courses are taught on Windows PCs. These are the ones that relate directly to using Windows.

Photos & Videos

Courses on editing and organizing photos.

Office Apps

Courses using Microsoft Office or Apple "Office" System.

Android Phones & Tablets

Tablets and smartphones other than iPads or iPhones. Includes LG, Samsung, Amazon, Motorola, HTC, OnePlus, Pixel, and other brands.

Social networking

Currently have courses on two of the most popular.

Computer Maintenance

How to maintain your Windows PC and protect your identity and data while using it.

Help During Classes

All students may come to Open Lab for help with their computer or with class materials.

Miscellaneous Topics

Topics that do not fit anywhere else!