Tablet Users Group (TUG) Report

February Meeting

The TUG met at the McGrath CLC on February 22nd. More than 40 attended! We once again divided into small groups for the iPad, Kindle Fire, and other Android tablets. Dennis Harkins demonstrated some basic hints for all tablets – shortcut menus that save time and make it easy to change basic settings, and how to find the basic information about your tablet. The Fire tablet group looked at the many options to help you learn more about your tablet: the tutorial, the help videos, and the online searching links. Sam Lightner demonstrated the Aiken County digital library to the iPad group. The date for the next meeting was not announced.

January Meeting

The TUG met at the McGrath CLC on January 6th, and we divided in small groups for the iPad, Kindle Fire, and other Android tablets. Many McGrath center volunteers were on hand to answer questions and help demonstrate the best apps users have found for their devices.

The next meeting date was not announced.

December Meeting

The Tablet Users Group met December 10 at 7 PM at the Aiken Public Library. We showed the new app, Hoopla, for borrowing books, music, and videos from the public library. We looked at the “Best Apps for 2015” list from Apple, and showed how you can send a document from your home computer to a Kindle app on any device. We also looked at how to set up a new tablet, customizing it for your preferences.

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, January 6 at 2 PM at the McGrath Computer Learning Center at USCA. We will break into smaller groups for Android tablets (Samsung, RCA, etc.), iPads, and Fire tablets. All are welcome!

November Meeting

The Tablet Users Group meeting on November 19, 2015 had our largest numbers yet, so we will probably offer more meetings in the afternoon in the future.

During the meeting, McGrath Learning Center volunteers helped many people one-on-one to get started with their tablets and solve problems. We spent most of the meeting going over the basics: connecting to a WIFI network, finding the device information, using the browser, and setting up email. A popular question was “How do I find the online manual for my device?” and we showed everyone that the McGrath center website has instructions for downloading the iPad manuals under the Tablet Users Group link.

We showed the new Amazon Fire 7” tablet, and how to access alternate keyboards for typing in foreign languages. Many people asked about the need for so many different passwords, and users reported that SplashID and mSecure are good choices as password managers.

Many types of tablets were represented, and people with Android tablets to gathered into a smaller group at the end of the meeting. In the future, we may be able to have meetings for Android tablets and separate meetings for iPad users.

We reminded everyone that we’ll be back at the Aiken Public Library on Chesterfield Street for our December meeting, on December 10 at 7 PM.

March Meeting

The Tablet Users Group met on March 19 at the Aiken County Public Library on Chesterfield Street. Darrell Pluff showed us how to use a new feature in Apple Maps on iOS 8 — flyover city tours. To try it, open the Maps app on your iPad or iPhone, then type the name of a city in the search bar. A tag with the name of the city will appear over the map of that city. Tap the name label and a menu appears – look for Flyover Tour and tap it. It is amazing! You can find a list of the cities at

We also looked at travel apps, and saw how the Reminders app on the iPad can be used to share reminder lists of all kinds with others – great for grocery shopping lists!

Our next meeting will be Thursday, April 16 at 7 PM at the library.

February Meeting

The Tablet Users Group had a good meeting on the 19th. Despite the cold, more than 20 people attended.

Pat Pluff showed us how to use the calendar app for iPad and demonstrated how it links to calendars of your contacts.

She also showed some keyboard features that make note taking easier.

We discussed an app called Keychain which allows you to keep supermarket reward card info on your phone, and Sam Lightner showed us how to manage windows and tabs in the Safari browser for the iPad.

We put March 19 on the calendar for our next meeting.

January Meeting

The tablet users group had a large crowd at our January 22 meeting, and we started off by showing the new McGrath CLC website and listing of courses.

Many people were interested in downloading the manual for their device, and we demonstrated the way to do that. I’ve prepared a summary of how to do that, and can email it to anyone interested.

A man demonstrated the Evernote app, and we watched a short YouTube demonstration of Pocket, a similar app.

We looked at the two apps you need to borrow eBooks and audiobooks from the public library, and I demonstrated Flipboard, a popular magazine-type app, and a woman told us about Pulse, a similar app.

Many questions were answered, and we invited everyone to show us their favorite apps and tricks for using tablets at our February meeting.

Downloading the free Manual for iPad

The iPad does not come with a manual. But you can get a free one. On your iPad, tap the iBooks app to launch it, and look at the bottom of the screen for the icon “top Charts.”

Tap it, and it shows two columns of books – the right-hand side is labeled “Free” and the iPad manual is usually at the top of the list, along with the iPhone manual.

Tap the button that says “GET” and follow the steps to download the manual. In a few minutes, it will appear on your bookshelf.

If you can’t find it, close the app, and when you open it again, look at the bottom of the screen for the icon “My Books”. Tap it to open the manual.

Also, Apple has a good intro to iBooks on their website. It’s called “Frequently asked questions about iBooks” and it’s a good place to start!

There is even a video on YouTube for older models.

December Meeting

We had a great crowd of 26 people last night, and they were very interested in the new McGrath Computer Learning Center, formerly Aiken SeniorNet. See our home page for details of the changes at McGrath.

The attendees were interested in the new McGrath with the separation from SeniorNet. We showed the web site () and they took all the brochures they had at the library.

At the meeting we showed both apps for downloading books from the library, and showed how to download the free manuals for tablets available online. (lots of newbies there!) Vicki Gibboney showed a few apps - words with friends and a guitar tuner. Ralph got lots of people on the wi-fi, too - they had never used the library wi-fi.

We reserved the library again for 7:00-8:30 p.m. on Thursday, January 22.

Have a great Christmas and New Year!

February Meeting

At our February meeting, Vicki Gibboney showed us Pinterest, a way to create bulletin boards for things that interest you from photos on the web, your computer, or other sources.

Ralph Dale showed us how to use a cellphone for an Internet connection, and Dennis Harkins showed how to use the tabs in web browsers and showed a few new apps for the iPad: Pcalc Lite, a calculator, USA Today, a free daily newspaper, and ActMonitor, a great way to look "under the hood" of your tablet. It shows how much memory you are using for your apps and other system information.

The next Tablet Users Group meeting will be on Apr. 10 at 7 PM at the Aiken Public Library, and we hope to see you there!

January Meeting

The SeniorNet Tablet Users Group (TUG) met for the second time at the Aiken library on January 9, and we had twenty people attending, with iPads, Samsung and Google Nexus tablets, Kindles, and a new Windows 8 tablet from Nokia!

We invited everyone to show a favorite app or two, and Dennis Harkins showed StarWalk, an app to identify stars, planets, and objects in the night sky. Bill Hayes showed many apps for the iPad: Spotify (free music), Duolingo, a language-learning program (free), Talkatone, a free telephone app and Dropbox.

He even had a Bluetooth speaker for filling a room with music wirelessly from a tablet, and Ralph Dale made all the technology work together for the meeting.

Sam Lightner showed us the “MYRADAR” app – perfect for checking weather radar instantly, and the Photomanager Pro app for organizing photos. Darell Pluff showed us a great app from that allows you to try on many pairs of glasses at home, using your tablet.

Sara Wampole showed us the Hitchcock Woods flower identifier on her iPhone, and the latest in wearable tech from Nike, the FuelBand, which tracks your daily fitness activity.

We agreed to meet again next month as the library schedule permits.

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