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Our Learning Center has had a presence on the Internet virtually from day one back in 1999. The first web site was a bulletin board that allowed the staff to communicate effectively. If you’re curious, parts of that old web site may be found at its original URL: http://www.greenspun.com/bboard/q-and-a.tcl?topic=aiken+seniornet+staff. (By the way, one lesson from that URL is to be careful what you put on the Internet as it almost never goes completely away.)

The first webmaster was Paul Lewis, a USCA librarian as well as a Learning Center volunteer. It wasn’t long before Paul, a big fan of open source software, converted the web site to run under software called PmWiki, the same software used for the USCA library web site. PmWiki is wiki software that allows anyone to add or change the content of the web site online through any web browser. In our case, we require a password to be able to edit our pages, just to keep down the number of unauthorized and irrelevant changes to our pages.

From 2003 until 2013, USCA hosted our web site at library.usca.edu/seniornet (URL no longer active). USCA notified us in late 2012 that it would make changes to its systems that wouild result in PmWiki not being available. As a result, we moved our web site to a commercial host, with a domain name of aikenseniornet.com (URL no longer active). Charlie Brown purchased this domain name some years ago and set it up so that it would redirect users to the actual web site on USCA’s computers. That way, our students and the public could access our web site with the easier-to-remember and easier-to-type aikenseniornet.com rather than library.usca.edu/seniornet. Charlie has graciously allowed us to move the entire web site to this host (which he pays for). Thanks, Charlie.

On January 1, 2015, we ended our 15-year relationship with SeniorNet and changed our domain name to .

We continue to use PmWiki to manage the content on our site. If you are a McGrath volunteer and want to know more about how PmWiki works, start with this page and explore from there. The linked page is part of our Faculty Intranet and requires a password. (If you are not a volunteer at McGrath and want to learn about PmWiki, go here).

Bookmarking Our Site

One issue related to the change in our domain name is with personal Bookmarks or Favorites to pages at the old web address. Clicking on such a bookmark in your browser will return a “Page Not Found” message. To remedy this, you should make new links. Make sure the address begins with “http://mcgrathclc.com.”

To ensure you don’t accidentally go to the old location, you should also clear the cache in your browser (also called deleting history in some browsers). When you do this, do not delete your cookies—-otherwise, site login information saved in your browser will be deleted.

Description of Site

There are two parts to the site: a public part where we post information about our schedule and courses for anyone with Internet access to read and a private part where we post internal information for you as a volunteer. The private part is named Faculty Intranet and is for volunteers of McGrath only.

The public, Internet part of the web site provides:

  • A directory of volunteers
  • Current class schedules
  • Current course descriptions
  • Current workshop descriptions
  • General information about the Learning Center

The private Intranet is a way of sharing information among the volunteers. Volunteers should visit frequently to keep up with what the committees and staff are doing. The Intranet site is a repository for:

  • Learning Center Guidelines for operation, including the responsibilities of staff, instructors, and coaches
  • Minutes of committee meetings
  • The Volunteer Orientation Handout used in our training sessions
  • Key documents related to the Learning Center
  • Agendas of meetings as needed
  • Historical information

The web site is here to help you. We try to be receptive to any suggestions you have for additional information or improvement of the web site. Send your comments to the webmaster at the address below.

The McGrath Computer Learning Center is associated with
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